This is VR Master

Real 8K & SSD

6X12MP Sony CMOS

Use the same clock

The PHIIMAX3D has six Sony Exmor R CMOS

sensors that share the same clock signal,

enabling VR images to be pixel-level


Real 8K

6x12MP Build 8K stereo 360 video

SSD All-in-One

PHIIMAX uses a universal SSD to store data

for all six lenses, including photo video

gyroscope data and GPS data, speed

and stability more than 10 times that

of SD card VR cameras.


The original video is encoded in H.265

with a total bit rate of up to 600Mbps,

which is equivalent to 900Mbps

for H.264 encoding.

Sealed & Fanless

Only quiet to use for shooting

TECHE OpticalRender

Pixel rendering instead of

image stitching

2*2 WIFI. Long range.

Live control.


PHIIMAX3D has 6 mics

and audio in

Video Sample

Photo Sample


PHIIMAX3D provides camera control and

data acquisition SDK for developers to use


Detailed Specs